Current Projects

Masters of Computer Science

I have been accepted into the Online Masters of Computer Science program through Georgia Tech. I will be using that to explore and diversify my breadth of knowledge in software engineering. I’m excited to dive into some topics I don’t normally get to work on with my current role in Operating System and Developer Platform design.

Improbable, SpatialOS SDK

I am a Product Manager with Improbable. I focus on developer experiences and tools. Improving the experience of developing a massive-scale online game will unlock the creativity of incredibly passionate and artistic creators, and will make new worlds available to everyone. Proper documentation is as much a part of the product as the SDK and tools. I aim to produce lots of demo code, tutorial videos and guides to publish as tutorials and examples on and on GitHub. I am also regularly publishing tutorial videos and documents to various Microsoft blog locations.


I moved to London! I’m still focused on what it means to get settled in and find my place in this vast city.¬† I am making an effort to travel regularly around Europe and explore all that¬† I can. I am always adding to my list of places to visit, both inside and outside of the UK.

This website is a work in progress. I use this site to test out some web design ideas/website concepts. Right now it is a jumping-off point for the Hipster web service and to host some Me Time app content. I plan on coming back later to get it off of WordPress and onto a format of my own creation.